Find Cheap Wedding Dresses In The UK

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Published: 14th December 2010
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These days many people decide to get married on a budget. This is a great way to ensure you start your married life in the best financial shape, but need not compromise on anything in her special wedding gown. There are cheap wedding dresses summer casual wedding dresses throughout the UK if you really look and there are plenty of places you can find cheap wedding dresses in the UK and no one ever even know how much money they have spent.

Thrift stores and Charity

Second hand wedding dresses are now so popular that some charities have shops dedicated exclusively to wedding dresses. Charity shops and second hand clothing purchases can be consumed a little more time and may take a little longer to find the gown of your dreams in your size, but a little perseverance will pay off in the long term. The best of second hand wedding dresses is that usually only been used once it will be almost as good as new. They may also run into a beautiful vintage wedding dress, which is also a popular choice at this time.

High street shops

Some high street shops now use actions wedding at affordable prices. You can also find some great alternatives for a traditional white wedding dress on the street and party dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and maxi dresses. Street shops are also a great place to find cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Department Stores

Department stores have always been a good port of call for affordable wedding dresses. Watch sales and at the end of the line of dresses discounts. Sometimes you can also get discount codes that can be used to order goods from online stores.


Most people only wear their wedding dress once and for after the wedding will have to either keep it, sell it or give it away. You can find classified ads in both local and online storefronts, where it is likely that the wedding dresses for sale. The benefit in the local search in the windows is that you can try before you buy, but online advertising is likely to offer greater freedom of choice.

Online auctions and marketplaces

Another great place to buy both new and second hand wedding dresses is online auctions and marketplaces. Use keywords to find the exact size and style of dress you are looking for. It is well worth looking at auction sites and markets regularly and have a steady stream of new listings.

The key to finding a wedding dress very nice, but cheap in the United Kingdom is the time and planning. The longer you have and the more effort you put into finding your dream dress, the more likely to find it. But many, if you have time on their hands do not despair, you will be surprised what you can find in terms of wedding dresses online and offline.

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